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4th Century view by Original Christianity
Quote #1 On Savior
Quote #2 On Noah
Quote #9 On Moses
Quote #3 On Christ
Quote #4 On Adam
Quote #5 On Mary
Quote #6 On Jesus
Quote #7 On Hebrews
Quote # 8 On the Variety of Theologies
Quote #9 The Kingdom knowledge

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Here you can examine original expressive results as seen by the those earliest Christians. Understanding the formative years of the early Christian Church can only be seen correctly against that original background representing ultimate truth, which is that Algorithm likeness in antiquity.

The teachings of those people sixteen centuries ago, challenged religion. Their way of defense, was genius. It provided that result as not only debative, but insightful of religious foundations. It was those insightful and boldly accurate definitions, within the personified arena, that became absorbed into what became known as the Church body. (Religion) 
To say that earliest Christianity was the same as we experience today, is to stand on falcity, and or ignorance. Evidence proves, that original Christianity grasped at truth by the Creator, as in that Algorithm likeness in antiquity, verses the spin religion gave their efforts, by making it their own, and destroying source.  

First things first!

Browse all quotes, to understand the reality to what Original Christianity stood by.
We must all recognize that Christianity was birthed not out of Judaism, but grafted into Judaism.

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