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4th Century view by Original Christianity
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The Tripartite Tractate

Now as for the things which came forth from the <race> of the Hebrews, things which are written by the hylies who speak in the fashion of the Greeks, the powers of those who think about all of them, so to speak, the "right ones" the powers which move them all to think of words and a representation, they <brought> them, and they grasped so as to attain the truth and used the confused powers which act in them.

Afterwards they attained to the order of the unmixed ones, (Algorithm parts personified) the one which is established, the unity which exists as a representation of the representation of the Father. It is not invisible in its nature, but a wisdom envelops it, so that it might preserve the form of the truly invisible one.

Therefore, many angels have not been able to see it. Also, other men of the Hebrew race, of whom we already spoke, namely the righteous ones and the prophets, did not think of anything and did not say anything from imagination or through a likeness or from esoteric thinking.

but each one by the power which was at work in them, and while listening to the things which he saw and heard, spoke of them in [,,,].  They have a unified harmony with one another after the manner of those who worked in them, since they preserve the connection and the mutual harmony primarily by the confession of the one more exhalted than they. And their is one who greater than they, who was appointed since that have need of him, and whom the spiritual Logos begot along with them as one who needs the exalted one, in hope and expectation in accord with the thought which is the seed of salvation. And he is an illuminating word, which consists of the thought and his offspring and his emanations.


Their vision and their words do not differ because of the multitude of those who have given them the vision and the word.
Therefore, those who have listened to what they have said concerning this do not reject any of it, but have accepted the scriptures in an altered way.
By interpreting them they established many heresies which exist to the present among the Jews.

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