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4th Century view by Original Christianity

Quote # 8 On the Variety of Theologies

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Quote # 8 On the Variety of Theologies
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The Tripartite Tractate Part lll

In both orders, those on the right and those on the left, are brought together with one another by the thought (Algorithm likeness) which is set between them, which gives them their organization with each other, it happens that they both act with the same emulation of their deeds, with those of the right resembling those of the left and those of the left resembling those of the right.

And if at times the evil order begins to  do evil in a foolish way, the (wise) order emulates, in the form of a man of violence, also doing what is evil, as if it were a power of a man of violence. At other times the foolish order attempts to do good, making itself like it, since the hidden order, too is zealous to do it.

Just as it is in the things which are established, [so] (it is) in the 109 things which have come to be. Since they bring things unlike one another, those who were not instructed were unable to know the cause of the things which exist.

Therefore, they have introduced other types (of explanation), some saying that it is according to providence that the things which exist have their being. These are the people who observe the stability and conformity of the movement of creation.

Others say that it is something alien. These are people who observe the diversity and the lawlessness and the evil powers.
Others say that the things which exist are what is destined to happen. These are the people who were occupied with this matter.
Others say that it is something in accordance with nature.
Others say that it is a self-existent. The majority, however, all who have reached as far as the visible elements, do not know anything more than them.

Those who were wise among the Greeks and the barbarians have advanced to the powers which have come into being by way of imagination and vain thought. Those who have come from these, in accord with the mutual conflict and rebellious manner active in them, also spoke in a likely, arrogant and imaginary way concerning the things which they thought of as wisdom, although the likeness deceived them, since they thought that they had attained the truth, when they had (only) attained error.

(they did so) not simply in minor appellations, but the powers themselves seem to hinder them, as if they were the Totality. Therefore, the order was caught up in fighting itself alone, because of the arrogant hostility of one [of the offspring] of the archon who is superior, who exists before him. Therefore, nothing was in agreement with its fellows, nothing, neither philosophy nor types of medicine nor types of rhetoric nor types of music nor types of logic, but they are opinions and theories. Ineffability held sway in confusion, because of the indescribable quality of those who hold sway, who give them thoughts.

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