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Some  Trivia :   About the Author / Producer

In the past 27 years, Gabriel has worked on many entertainment projects that we all remember well!

There is such a variety of experience that yields him the insight seen in the creation of this movie, VISIONS WORD.

When you have traveled the world and seen the creation element of the entertainment industry, it can't help open your eyes, as it did Gabrlel's, to the realities of life.
His different experiences on TV shows as well as movies, has allowed a broad perspective of all avenues of the business.
And with the truthfulness seeking of his heart,
                this movie will be EARTHSHAKING!
Just a bit of history :
As a dancer in The Idol Maker (1980) United Artists, Olympia Dukakis, Peter Gallagher, Ray Sharkey.  Gabriel learned dance choirography under Denny Terio.

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While behind the scenes on the Production "The Golden Moment: An Olympic love story" 1980"
Gabriel did enjoy those enlightening moments, with some of hollywoods most famous people. Then again, some were just plain fun, "like jumping on the high-jump mat, during the break from shooting, with "David Kieth"
Or like the times James Earl Jones, would just stick around, outside on the field,  while he and Gabriel talked.
Here is Gabriel with Ed McMahon, during the 1980 production.


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ABC Afterschool Special - Its not my fault - Starring Billy Warlock 1983 Gabriel plays Fernando, who teaches Craig Foster (Warlock) a lesson.

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Educational Product Development.
"Shortcomings" UCLA student film showcase. (HBO, Showtime 1982)
"Sherm Alley", anti-drug mini-shorts. Hollywood California 1983


2000  -   World Classic Rockers   -   5 Concert Tour
Includes former members of the Eagles, Wings, Moody Blues, Steppenwolf, Toto, and Foreigner.
CURRENTLY In Production:
"The Vision" written by Mathematical Epighraphist Gabriel Espinosa 2007


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Stay tuned for streaming video of production soon!

Production Consultation and Development
"The Fringes" written by Gordon Rowe.
 Development, unfunded. 1984
"Duarte: Man in the Middle" 1989
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Gabriel's brainchild, was to do a story on his friends family "The Duarte's"
who happen to be part of the happening in El Salvador. Jose Napoleon Duarte, my friends uncle, the then President of El Salvador "Jose Napoleon Duarte";  while coping with business headaches amongst the turmoil. (There was bombing and torching of his buses.) Gabriel knew that the story from an inside point of view, needed to be told, for its historical value.
The story behind the massacre of the priests, and other instances needed record.
With insight to the families wishes, Gabriel brought together another friend "Gordon Rowe" who together pursued that idea, toward a documentary and or book publication.

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