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As Co-Editor, Gabriel Espinosa strives for that product of excellence! As one who has had that unique blend of global experience, working the television and motion picture industries since being sixteen years old. His experience is broad - not limited to - General Hospital, Chips, Fantasy Island, Moon Lighting, Ten Speed and Brownshoe, Dukes of Hazzard, Cagney and Lacey, and Hunter to name a few.
His friendship to Fantasy Island producer Gordon Rowe gave Gabriel that insight needed in the packaging of entertainment products. His unique brand of creation, brought forth, the first Bilingual Telethon in television history. His contribution not only brought that experience of cross marketing to fruition. But his friendship to Fantasy Island producer clinched the Co-host spot for Ricardo Montalban.
Thus the First Variety International Telethon co-hosted by both Monty Hall & Ricardo Montalban. Many of his personal friends also appeared such as John Stamos, Woody Stroud, Fernando Allende and many more. The show garnished $17 million for the weekend, which also benefitted the Los Angeles Variety Boys and Girls Club, who had been introduced to Gabriel by Hector Uruchurtu, great-grandson to the former president of Mexico.
While learning and experiencing unique applications to scenes, motion picture techniques became evident to him. His experiences led him through much variety, his work on the Golden Moment, which starred Stephanie Zimbalist Jr. and David Keith, with appearances by Ed Mcmahon and James Earl Jones showed him techniques for a major outdoor production.
While working on the Movie at the 20th Century Fox Lot called "Blade Runner" which starred Harrison Ford, his attention to detail was enhanced.
Through-out the years Gabriel has dabbled in the music industry. His efforts brought forth productions that have included, Oingo Boingo, Shiela E. (daughter of Pete Escovedo of the group "Santana") Spandau Ballet and others.
While Texas is home for Gabriel, his involvement has not gone un-noticed. As CFO for The Youth Development Foundation, His brainchild  became that pivitol force that brought Wemus (Dennis Grubb - who did inaugural balls for both terms of President Bush), together with Preston Chancellor at that effort for funding scholarships through concert events.
Gabriel produced and set into motion 5 shows for the Texas leg of the World Classic Rockers, that included Randy Meisner (Hotel California) Michael Monarch, Nick St.Nicholas (Born to be Wild), Spencer Davis (Hold the Line) Denny Lane formerly of "The Moody Blues" & "Wings" with Paul McCartney, to name a few. This concept is now a premier way of generating capital for scholarships in West Texas.

As Grandson of the late industrialist and philanthropist, John D Foster (Ingersoll and Rand). Mr. Espinosa continues the desire that both his grandfather and friend Rockerfeller (JD Jr.) envisioned, which is to advance the human condition.

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