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Book Cover

From the Author of "Gabriel F. Espinosa's 1111 Factor DNA of the Gods"


The Keys to Heaven and Hell as held secret by Kings, Pharoahs, Queens and the very elite is now made available throught this unique site. The Secrets of what developed by that knowledge of those keys gave unquestioned power and wealth. It secured longevity within the ranks of the very prominent and very rich. Gabriel as a Foster which family began with Anacher, Great Forester of Flanders who died in 873 A.D with branches immigrated afterward. As grandson to J.D. Foster his lineage would also include the royal bloodline of the Native American Chiefs, Mangas Coloradas, Cochise and more notable Victorio. Shares his special knowledge of this reality 


By becoming a member of the Natura for only $5.00 dollars a month, you will have access to monthly video lessons that wil give any person insight to how some of the most sacred sites as well as wonders of the world were concieved.


Floodgates of key knowledge will be at your fingertips. Allowing you that ability to be among the smartest on earth.  Membership allows you to get the greatest prize of all, you will possess the knowledge of kings.


As a regestered Algorithm Owner you automatically are enrolled as a member of the Natural program. Not only will you be able to hold the totalities of knowledge in your hands, display and read its details to friends and family as you possess the greatest knowledge on earth as inspired from the Creator, you can opt in to use your Membership ID to invite others to this opportunity of knowledge. Remmeber you will be part of a very selewct group of people.  


By understanding the very steps the Totality of the algorithm shares you will be able to understand exactly what inspired those great minds from all over the world and through-out history. You be able to fully comprehend how Ancient structure and design germ ideas evolved. Freeing your mind to seeing just how mythology developed.


You will be able to reach deep into the structure of Egypt, Islam, Greece, Rome and even the Mystery religions. Christianity will be renewed with original knowledge held secret from the masses. You wil be able to see just how Paleo-Hebrew became by the same knowledge of these keys.  Discover the true meaning of the Great Pyramid, as well as its relationship to the Cristos, the Sphinx and more.


It is this very insight that you as father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, grandparent , cousin or friend need to help others step out of the darkness of illusion that mankind has perpetuated to understand the reality of the light.


It will highten the abilities of those seeking higher education from whichever level. Remember this is knowledge of kings.


The knowledge contained within the totality of the algorithm likeness is earthshaking to say the least, but nevertheless needed as we prepare for what is to come on this planet.


Surrounded by witnesses, Gabriel's modren experience in Midland Texas gave us an accurate example of the clouds of the sky opening up as the manifestation (bodily) from the Creator came upon him. The only other definition understood today, can be likened to the description in Luke 22:3 wherein "And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased." is established.

The reality of what  unfolds by what he says is real and unfolding before our eyes.


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