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Global Humanitarian Foundation

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In today's world, we have questions that reach to the very depths of conscience. Within those elements of the arena we call life, mankind is faced with the greatest challenges which have come to that "Precipice" where a system is at the very brink of disastrous situations, where mankind must recognize what it must do.

The Global Humanitarian Foundation. understands Mankind is faced with decisions which struggle between Right and Wrong. The opposer of generally accepted popular definition is sometimes referred to as immoral when combining a "legal claim" as a "moral right", within justice systems. That abusive practice in combining the two, has perverted actual right.

Reality has been altered into those commercial aspects, which have become those religious influences mankind share. Thus we all have questions of what is right and what is wrong.
Some have taken to extreme adherance toward one belief system, ultimately causing harm against the rest.
The simpleness of universal truth has been removed
from the minds of common man.
 What would we do if we knew
the answers
to life's questions?
All by one source.
Some consider it impossible.
Here through the Global Humanitarian Foundation, we provide that forum toward educating all mankind, to the reality of the Creator as evidenced by one source uniting math and science to lifes potetialities outside of religious influence.


The Global Humanitarian Foundation establishes examples of what has caused so much hatred and separation, between our families our neighbors, our governments, our peoples. With purpose of educating for peace.
The Alogithm's likeness within comparative science causes all to make sense! A simple mathematical algorithm that not only embraces knowledge, but frees your mind from that shackles of deceit to grow with knowledge to embrace peace. shows this algorithm in many examples. How it expressed germ concepts for architectural, linguistic, religious, and other applied sciences. . . . the opportunities are endless when you know the perfect algorithm.

Gabriel F. Espinosa, Unanimously voted President, October 7, 2009. Tenure to begen Nov. 1st 09

It is imparative that mankind unite under a common cause. All of mankind need to unite against fraudulent presentations that cause destructive paths for mankind.
For my part, I am publishing a Collection of illustrated art and chart works in one book titled "Gabriel F. Espinosa's 1111 FACTOR, DNA OF THE GODS" which will include in vivid details some of the examples that shed a renewed light upon history. The value is priceless. Partial proceeds of the book is pledged toward supporting The Global Humanitarian Foundations purpose and projects for a better world. 
Please donate today. Make a difference for a better world, Let them know what you know. Let them see what you see, Let them understand what you now understand.

Espinosas Perfect Algorithm

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Mission Statement: To provide educational options in the understanding of mathematics through an original algorithm. Giving mankind that added opportunity of recognizing truth and how it relates to our planet. 

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