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Educating With Knowledge Source

Moral Code With Supernatural Origins

Most religions preach some sort of moral code and, typically, this code is based upon whatever alledged transcendental and or supernatural beliefs which have become fundamental to that religion. Thus, for example, theistic religions typically claim that morality is derived from the commands of their gods. The influences that birthed civilizations are also connected to that same source as used by religous designers. 
Since the beginning of time, Huminoid species have had access to a knowledge. Its reflection is seen the world over through-out antiquity.
Remnants of applied knowledge are easily recognizable using source likeness. The only authentic likeness of source is understood by Espinosa's Perfect Algorithm development.

Espinosa's Algorithm Manual

A Monumental event in history is unfolding before our eyes. The News that a special publication, tentatively called "The Manual Of Life Numbers" A guide to the Message, is true and is being developed into a 12 part teaching series by The Global Humanitarian Foundation Research and Development department headed by Gabriel Espinosa.

Currently, Exhibits are being planned toward establishing a State by State math and science exhibits. Primarily, The Global Humanitarian Foundation is working toward providing a Modern facility as Gallery to works necessary in educating our youth for a global future.

Conscientious Objections

The implication of this affirmation is that even in public life government ought to try to accommodate the conscientious objections of citizens. Some have been pacifists who object to the military draft. While being willing to submit to government's authority and fulfill other obligations of citizenship, they have, for conscience sake, been unwilling to take up arms. When at its best, America has respected these objections, asking pacifists to serve the country in other ways.

Respect for conscience helps strengthen citizenship, for it recognizes that people with quite different views of life—even with regard to the foundations of the state—can find ways to live together and cooperate without having to confess a common creed.

The same thing can occur in other areas of life. Government can require education of all children in order to make sure that every citizen will have access to public society. But the educational mandate can be fulfilled in different ways—in schools with different confessional bases and in communities different from one another but intermixed can be ideal for commercial development.

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